Hawthorn Berry Capsules - 90 Kosher Vegan Caps 500mg Organic Hawthorn

  • HAWTHORN BERRY – Our Kosher certified capsules are filled ONLY with Organic Hawthorne Berries and NOTHING ELSE.
  • Our Hawthorn supplement is VEGETARIAN, KOSHER and GLUTEN FREE. Feel Secure Knowing You're Only Putting the Absolute Best Product in Your Body, Made with NO Harsh Preservatives, Fillers or Flowing Agents - NO Sodium Benzoate, NO Magnesium Stearate, NO GMOs
  • CONTAINS: Hawthorn Berry Powder - 90 Vegan Kosher Capsules with 500mg full spectrum raw organic hawthorn berry.

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Customer Reviews

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Great Product

Hawthorn has been extremely beneficial to my health regimen, particularly for my heart. I really love that it's in a glass bottle. Highly recommend!

Lisa M.B.

I have been searching for something that would control my blood pressure and as soon as I started taking this, my pressure has normalized. I'm so happy that I saw a review and tried it for myself.

Edward R.
Hawthorn berry

sorry i have not started using these yet i have an open bottle of another brand that i have been using for a few years and want to use it down low before i use these check back in a couple of months and i will be glad to share what i pray will be a. good report.
I have been using the stinging nettle and things seem to be improving will know more with a month or so.

Virginia B.
Gives me confidence

I read up on this company and their approach to making their products responsibly and of high quality. There are tons of supplements on the market and it’s hard to know if you’re getting excellent quality. I have confidence in Pure Mountain and have purchased this particular product multiple times.

Dianna S.
Hawthorn Berry

My doctor gave me until March of 2022, to bring down my pressures on my own. I asked if he had heard of HB, of which he had not. It is used in Europe, as a natural cure, I offered. Pressure at doctor was 140/80. After receiving HB from Pure Mountain, within an hour, pressures have consistently dropped to 105/68-125 range, depending on my range of activity. At present I take two caps am and pm. I like the product. I purchased three bottles. Packaging was exceptional, each bottle individually wrapped in bubble wrap, and then the three bottles were in turn wrapped in more bubble wrap. Exceptional! Finally, delivery was quicker than I expected. Thank you for a product that works in keeping me out of the clutches of big pharma. I do however, need advice as to which supplements to take with. I currently add magnesium. Thank you. Will order from this company again, for sure.