About Us

Over the course of two decades researching nutritional supplements, I couldn’t help but notice that many of the same problems found in Big Food - pesticides, ultra-processed ingredients and toxic additives - were also found in most “health” supplements.

In fact, most supplements are anything but healthy. Did you know synthetic vitamins are extracted from petrochemicals? Yuck! Not to mention ineffective.

I knew that needed to change. Your family, my family, we all deserve better.

A new way was needed. So in 2013 Pure Mountain Botanicals was born with a commitment to clean ingredients, organic practices and sustainability.

The solutions we offer are pure and simple. We aim to make super clean and effective supplements accessible and affordable. So we cut out the middlemen and make our wholesome, carefully-crafted supplements available direct online. It’s all the good from nature, delivered right to your door.

We believe it’s not too much to ask for your nutritional supplements to meet the same high standard you want for your food: organic, clean and natural.