Nettle Leaf Capsules - 75 Organic Kosher Veggie Caps


Full Spectrum Nettle Leaf. 75 Kosher Veggie Capsules. Now with 500mg Organic Stinging Nettles Leaf Powder

Natural antihistamine-type action

  • Hay fever, rhinitis, seasonal allergies
  • Natural diuretic action
  • Restorative for low vitality
  • Supports breast milk production

Cleansing and nutritive tonic

  • 1 Bottle = 75 veg capsules
  • Each capsule provides 500 mg organic Nettles

What are Nettles? (Urtica dioica)

They have traditionally been used as a nutritive and cleansing tonic, with the tender young springtime growth harvested and eaten freshly steamed. The upper plant is also dried and drank as a tea year-round or taken as capsules.

Nettles has been shown to stabilize histamine release from mast cells, giving Nettles its reputation as a natural antihistamine for hay fever, seasonal allergies and rhinitis. It is best started before the start of the allergy season and then used throughout. Though it is not as powerful as pharmaceutical antihistamines, it also does not have their unwanted side effects.

Nettles is a natural diuretic and helps the body to eliminate excess water (the mechanism by which Nettles also functions as a 'blood cleanser'). It may be helpful with conditions that can cause water retention including high blood pressure, swollen ankles, urinary tract infections, airplane travel, PMS, etc.

Nettles is exceptionally high in trace minerals, making it an excellent nutritive herb for states of low vitality and energy, including as a 'blood tonic' for anemia and revitalizing the new mother after giving birth. It is also highly regarded as a galactagogue for supporting breast milk production.

What are Nettles used for?

  • Hay fever, rhinitis, seasonal allergies (antihistamine)
  • Natural diuretic
  • Cleansing and nutritive tonic
  • Restorative for low vitality
  • Supports breast milk production

Why choose our Nettles?
  • Premium Quality: Prepared from organically cultivated Nettles aerial parts (Urtica dioica).
  • Full-Spectrum Extract: The full biochemical spectrum of the herb is preserved, ensuring the highest potency.
  • NSF cGMP-Certified Manufacturing Facility: The NSF Certification Program protects consumers by ensuring that the highest standards of manufacturing have been strictly followed.
  • Guaranteed: In addition to the superior quality of our products, you are also protected by our No Questions Asked money-back guarantee.
  • Manufactured in USA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Sandra G.
Nettles excellent for health and strength

I've been ordering products from Pure Mountain Botanicals for several years. I've never been disappointed. Their customer service is excellent and their product superb. They use glass bottles, much healthier than plastic. They pack the bottles really good so products arrive safely, and their products always high quality. I've been taking the Hawthorn Berry from here, for more than 3 years and it has helped my heart strength. I'm taking the nettles b/c not only does it help w/all it is purported to do, but it is a doctor recommended product to help overcome covid 19 sickness. Thank you Pure Mountain Botanicals.

Noreen C.
Excellent quality

First, the quality of these products is excellent. Second, these people are small batch producers, so their products have high quality with less risk of impurities. Third, they use GLASS jars! No plastic! It is extremely difficult to find herbs that are sold in glass jars instead of in ugly, problematical plastic. Kudos to Pure Mountain Botanicals!

angie h.
Strong Nettles

I am very pleased that I can get strong nettles. Spring is beautiful but hard on allergies.

Deborah H.

This is awesome! I always have hay fever in the spring but don't like to take medicine if I can avoid it. When I start sneezing or getting itchy watery eyes, I take one of these nettle capsules and my symptoms go away. I wish I had known about this years ago!

Ann T.
Natural Sinus Relief

Pure Mountain Botanicals Stinging Nettle has been my go to for seasonal sinus relief for several years. I've tried several other brands and found Pure Mountain's products to be top notch in potency and effectiveness.