Goldenseal Root Capsules - 60 Kosher Vegan Caps with 250mg of Organic Goldenseal


Goldenseal Root Capsules. 60 Kosher Veggie Capsules Now With 250mg Organic Goldenseal Herb Powder

Fresh Ground Goldenseal Root offers unique benefits that support the body, especially during times of immune stress. Popular amongst early Native American tribes, the Cherokee and Iroquois used goldenseal for digestive issues, liver ailments and diarrhea. Gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO and vegetarian. 60 vegetarian capsules in amber glass bottle.

Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis) is a member of the buttercup family. Native to southeastern Canada and the eastern United States, this small perennial herb has vibrant yellow roots that have been used by Native Americans for centuries. The Cherokee used it to cleanse local inflammation and improve appetite, the Iroquois used it to treat whooping cough, diarrhea and pneumonia and the roots were commonly turned into a dye.

Goldenseal may possess anti-inflammatory and astringent benefits that support the body during times of immune stress. It contains berberine, an antimicrobial compound typically used to ward off bacteria, candida and parasites. Goldenseal is also used to support the digestive system.

Pure Mountain Botanicals does not source threatened botanicals like goldenseal from the wild.


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Marie D.
A must have

This product is dependable. Always helps with chronic illness and acute infections.

Love This

Excellent product. Will definitely continue to buy.

Marie D.
Works well

Very good sourse of goldenseal

Linda w.
Golden Seal Root

Golden Seal Root is a great Toner... it sucks in your extra fat! Been using it since the 70's, great for veracious veins! I really recommend it.
Started taking the Pure MT Botanical Golden Seal Root today, am excited about its purity in ingredients....
If you decide to take this product, make sure its the great folks. I intend to keep ordering this quality as needed....


Good quality! Will be ordering more.