Bacopa Capsules with Organic Bacopa and Potent Bacopa Extract


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Bacopa Monnieri, also known as the herb of grace, is an herb that is used to enhance mental activity and boost memory.*

Bacopa monnieri has recently gained notoriety as a nootropic herb but with potentially less side effects than other smart drugs.*

Traditionally bacopa has been considered an adaptogen which is a substance that helps to normalize a response to stress and prevent negative changes during a stressful situation.* Bacopa is often linked to supporting feelings of calmness, supporting mood and enhancing memory function.*

Why Pure Mountain Botanicals® Bacopa?

*Full Spectrum Bacopa For All Cofactors

*No Magnesium Stearate  No Fillers or Preservatives

*High Potency Bacopa Monnieri Extract with 20% Bacosides

*100% Kosher and Vegetarian Capsules

About Pure Mountain Botanicals®

At Pure Mountain Botanicals®, we believe there is a better way to help you be your best. A better way that works naturally with your body. Since the beginning, we have been committed to providing effective botanical supplements from nature that are free from harsh solvents, fillers, and questionable preservatives. As a leader in botanical health supplements, our passion is providing the best possible products for your total health.

Our promise to you is your total satisfaction.


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Carol P.
good experience

I am very pleased with the product and service. Would like to order some more items but not sure how to go about finding what I need. I look forward to continuing to order from your company.
Carol Pfaffly

Catherine L.
Great Bacopa

I have been extremely satisfied with the efficacy of this product. I have arthritis and I am pain free if I take it every day. I have recommended this product to several other people with positive effect as well. I highly recommend this product

Gay W.
So glad it exists

Bacopa was recommended by my Naturopath and I have not been disappointed. The quality of Pure Mountain's Bacopa seems to surpass the others I have tried.

Jazmyne G.
Will order again!

Good product. Will order again.

Jorge P.
Sent Fast

Thanks for sending quickly!